Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beautiful Weather

Finally! Beautiful weather is here. The kind where the air outside is room temperature. You can open your windows and get into your practice without your muscles getting cold. I forgot what humidity was like.

I'm looking forward to Community Class today. I'm going to practice a bit before class... so many poses, so little time!

I've been productive today: wrote posts for my other blog, Roxy is for Lovers. Need to do some maintenance on this blog since it's newer. I forgot to put all my links on here.

Wanderlust Yoga in the City getting closer and closer! So excited.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Childlike Wonder

[posting from my phone... too excited to wait for a computer to boot up!]

Ok. I'm a total cheeseball for this kind of stuff, but today's Community Class was utterly perfect.

I was at such peace waiting for class to start. I watched some clouds go by, and some specks of dust float on. I was in the moment. I felt joy, dare I say elation during flow.

I feel as if I could do King Pigeon with ease now, and my Full Lotus is back! Oh, how I've missed it. (Since hurting my knees, it's been difficult to get into and stay in that position.) 

I've taken a couple days off, but the time off was exactly what I needed to break out of a slight rut. I don't usually go to Community Classes because sometimes it's too crowded, but today wasn't bad. And I forgot how I love to watch everyone doing the postures from behind and not watching them in the mirror or just paying attention to myself. Can someone tell me if back of the class is coveted space? Because I think it is. :-P

I felt more connected to the moment while I was watching the room. I think the secret is to get outside of yourself. Get away from staring at the reflection. I don't think my judgement came out too much, and some of them were positive judgements... I just love watching yoga. And it's nice to (re-)discover childlike wonder. I laughed genuinely when I came out of Crow -which I am now able to hold for a few breaths.

Gonna snack on some carrots and hit the mat again. I have to cultivate my practice, and I really need to do that everyday. But every day is a new day.