Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just had a good session.

So I try to be mindful of the moment when I practice, but I often get brimming with excitement about my progress.

I honestly haven't done too much yoga at home lately, let alone meditation, but I got an hour's worth of yoga and three minutes of meditation -it's a start.

Sat in full lotus for the duration of meditation. I impressed myself.

Was able to hover in Crow for a bit, and flopped over again in headstand. Although I will say that getting my hips over my head is a great feeling!

Today, I was very yin, and I think my home practice will stay that way if I continue at Core Power. That's not an if, that's a when.

Those classes have really helped with my strength and endurance.

Rocked out to Tom Colletti Pandora. I suggest it to any yogin out there reading this.

I think I deserve some ice cream. Well, not really but it's gonna happen anyway.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quick Status Update

 feel like my Crow is starting to take flight. At home, sometimes I use a pillow, but I was doing really well with a block in class. I think I'm going to go practice some more.

Also, was able to lift my legs for Headstand! Landed flat on my back and laughed. Will try to not get used to using a wall if I begin that.

Woo! Stoked!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Gotta hit it more!!!

Ok. I do a fair amount of yoga every week. I still can't seem to get enough. I never feel like I've done enough. Two classes a day isn't A LOT. Especially if one is yang yoga and the other is yin. I don't know if I could handle two high energy classes in one day, but I'm not opposed to finding out!

I'm not sure how to revitalize my home practice.... I need to do more at home. I think once it gets warm enough to open my windows, I will be revitalized once again.

I was surprised by my Crow today. I get scared of face planting, but I can feel that I'm doing something right -it's the surge of energy I feel in my core.

I've also gotten into coconut water. It is AMAZING!!!! Super yummy. I forgot what brand it was... -Think its Coco Cafe, but it's coconut water and espresso. SO GOOD! The best part is where it satiates your hunger. You don't feel hungry until you sit down to eat. Now, food is amazing, but if I'm not hungry, I'm happy!
Elephant crows!

Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm still here.

I've been neglecting my blog, but I haven't been neglecting my practice!

What to update about? I've been busy lately. Actually starting to have a life after summertime SAD. Yoga has been a wonderful recovery tool.

I am slowly, ever so slowly becoming able to hold Crow. Each time I try, it seems I can hold it just a little longer. Long enough to try a jump back. Well, the jump back needs some work, too.

My King Pigeon is getting closer to head to toes touching.

I've started to try Headstand. Gonna need some work, but I was better than expected.

And I went to a Chaturunga workshop, and will hopefully be more mindful with alignment. A problem I have is a curved back, but I never thought to change my gaze.

I'm also doing Yoga for Trade now at Core Power. Completely worth it. It's much better for me with this cold weather. I need motivation when my joints are so stiff.

I am one year older, now, with every intention of keeping my practice. I am thankful for a source of peace that is centuries old: tried and true.

I am also thankful for my yoga buddies, even though we haven't gone in a while.

And now, your moment of Zen: