Sunday, April 20, 2014

King Pigeon

I've made progress! I am in the beginning stages of getting to full expression in King Pigeon. I don't know if it's because my muscles were all warmed up, but I was able to grab my toes! Quad flexibility isn't really the issue, it's more in the back. I'm excited! I plan on practicing King Pigeon a lot more to increase my spinal flexibility. I think that will help me in push up into wheel. Lots of Chaturungas for strength, lots of King Pigeon for spinal flexibility. Maybe some Camel Pose and backbends in Tadasana.

A strap helped me get my hands to my toes... I have a yoga mat bag strap at home that can double as a regular strap as well as two blocks and a pillow. I really have to try to remember to utilize them more.

I did a little yoga yesterday in the yard of my friend's house. Even better, I had a girl friend practice with me. That kind of brought me confidence... yeah, I might be able to do this instructor thing. That was pretty fun. And I have to practice outside more.

I may be getting more people on board for Wanderlust Yoga in the City! I want to drag them to Community Classes to get them started. So exciting. I love yoga buddies.


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