Saturday, July 12, 2014

Challenge Update

Haven't gotten too creative at home lately, but I have been vigilant with the Down Dog Days of Summer Challenge... 12 more classes to go through the 31st.

I'm going to try to meditate more. I need to practice Full Lotus a bit more. I haven't quite gotten to where I was before my knees were injured. There'd be tension, then release as I became more comfortable in the pose... now, it's a sharper discomfort that I don't think I should push through.

Not really much else to update on. Just enjoying yoga in it's myriad forms.

I think once the challenge is over, I'll be less motivated to come to classes, but to practice more at home. I'm looking forward to getting creative. Last summer/late August, yoga pulled me out of a depression, or should I say was a symptom of recovery. Those were joyous mornings.


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