Monday, July 28, 2014

So close!

Guys, I'm so close to finishing the challenge! Four more classes to go! Four more days! AHH! Even if I don't complete the challenge, I should still be proud of myself. I really hope this has cultivated a more consistent practice.

I've started sequencing. I only have about half an hour to forty-five minutes, but I'm excited. It's actually really fun and once you're thinking about the postures, more ideas come to mind. I should try sequencing before hitting the mat at home. I find myself doing a lot of Child's Poses while trying to come up with the next posture after doing my old stand-by's. The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown helps a lot too.

What I think is cool is how you can totally make up a pose that you may not find in a book, but if you know the language, you have a name. Now, I'm not saying Sanskrit, but for example: Supine Twist... Supine Twist with Quad Stretch. I suppose teacher training will teach me what not to do, but I don't expect yoga to be like that. As far as I know, yoga poses are infinite! (Infinitely awesome!)

Getting ready for class tonight!


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