Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter is here!

It is snowing the first real snow of the season and I am inside doing what else than... yoga!

Solid half hour today.

Mixed it up with some crescent lunges (the kind where your knee is on the floor) and felt no pain on the knee. Also, did some Utkatasana Chair Pose with prayer twists. I have to give myself props for that. Don't usually do chair sits, but I think they're going to be back again soon. I have grown since I first started seriously practicing this summer, and am looking to challenge myself more.

Full lotus was the easiest I have ever had. No bind yet... not sure how on earth that's going to work... :-P

Put on Pandora's Trip-Hop station. Started off with Massive Attack's Teardrop and it was amazingly timed to my breath. Awesome sauce.

There is no flattering picture for Yogi Sleep Pose which I hope to one day achieve, so I'll leave you with this:

Gonna eat dinner, and get back on the mat before bed.

I love this journal because not only is it a record of my journey, but it serves as inspiration to continue with all the things I enjoyed about my practice.


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