Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful for the day.

Thankful for the friends in my life. That can be you too! Drop me a line and say "hi!"'

I went slow again today. Not satisfied, though. Totally going to hit the mat again sometime before bed.

Am I the only one that gets major ADD when putting on Pandora? I think the Trip-Hop station is perfect, but since I don't know what's up next I want to listen to the music instead of practice.

Who else needs a particular playlist?

My "ok" yoga sessions are an hour long... my phenomenal ones last usually two hours. I only have one hour playlists (DOH!). Sure, I could get up and put the next one on, but that's not the same.

I'm working on a couple of poses:

My crow isn't quite taking off, but I can feel the potential. I get grounded through my palms. I feel the energy in my core.

Slowly, working on wheel. One day I lifted a couple of inches off the ground instead of futile pushing. I wonder if I will one day fully express the position, or if I am slowly creeping there, millimeter by millimeter.

...And then I remembered I forgot to do Bridge Pose.

Another pose I'm excited about is Bound Lotus. I usually forget to do Lotus, or don't because I find it a little painful to get my feet in position, but today wasn't so bad. Add a bind. Add a forward fold -I'll get there eventually. It's a seated pose, so I'll bet anything I'll remember to do it from now on.

And then what are commonly known as the splits: Monkey God Pose...

I used to be able to do my left... now I can do... NEITHER! :-P

One day. (Just gotta keep practicing!)


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