Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just had a good session.

So I try to be mindful of the moment when I practice, but I often get brimming with excitement about my progress.

I honestly haven't done too much yoga at home lately, let alone meditation, but I got an hour's worth of yoga and three minutes of meditation -it's a start.

Sat in full lotus for the duration of meditation. I impressed myself.

Was able to hover in Crow for a bit, and flopped over again in headstand. Although I will say that getting my hips over my head is a great feeling!

Today, I was very yin, and I think my home practice will stay that way if I continue at Core Power. That's not an if, that's a when.

Those classes have really helped with my strength and endurance.

Rocked out to Tom Colletti Pandora. I suggest it to any yogin out there reading this.

I think I deserve some ice cream. Well, not really but it's gonna happen anyway.

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