Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feeling light, graceful, and beautiful. Namaste.

Tonight I left class feeling energized, light, graceful, and beautiful.

There's nothing like that feeling. I feel as if I could start ballet with that feeling.

I go to the Community classes at Core Power Yoga and find them essential to keeping my progress fresh. It's nice to see/feel my progression. I feel stronger. I feel the increase in flexibility. I can feel eventual progression towards Headstand. My Chaturunga is slightly more parallel to the floor.

Honestly, when I had a Groupon in February, that was the best month of 2013. Right now, I'm taking advantage of these classes to keep me focused for a full hour. I don't quite have the discipline I'd like to have for long sessions or short, intense ones. With the cold setting in, I don't want to get out of bed, and find night sessions much more satisfying after I have warmed up the body.

My favorite poses, Plough Pose and Shoulder Stand (AND Plough is suggested for insomnia):

Some goals I'm looking forward to:
+ Increasing core strength for Headstand and Crow.
+ Mastering Crow.
+ Different expressions for Shoulderstand and Plough Pose.


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